Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Husband David "The Kindest Man I Ever Met"

I used to think that my father was the kindest kind man on earth, as we grow up he was always there and ready to hold us and doctor our awees and sit with us when we were sick and baby us, he used to make for us the most soothing soups and hot teas when we had a cold or a flue, he would get our room all nice warm and cozy, he would sit by us until we went to sleep at night rubbing our head,feet and back, and when he came home from work he would come right away and see us and make sure we were comfortable,well now and after 7 years of marriage I am starting to see that God gave me another kind man that is even kinder than my dad, I feel so awful for not seeing this wonderful character in my husband sooner, I know he was very gentle, considerate, easy going, and nice but the more I live with him the more I see kindness shining from all his thoughts toward me, our children and others, especially our Christian Brothers and sisters, I have had many health problems in the past seven years and was bed ridden many times sometime 3-4 months, but David was so kind and not once complained or made me feel like I was a burden or bother to him in fact it was the very opposite, he would sit by me and just hold and comfort me, and would do whatever it takes to make me comfortable.
I am so blessed...........
If you are a wife and reading this post please think of the good characters of your husband and praise God for him.

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